How we communicate with BMS families

Introduction Families are a vital part of our BMS learning community, so we try to keep you informed! We rely on parents to read and check the following resources to stay in touch with the news, happenings, and student learning going on at BMS. Together we can help students make the best of their BMS experience.

The BMS Website Please bookmark this website! The BMS Website is the heart of our communications platform with parents. We strive to provide all the resources you need, from forms for physicals to parent information that helps familiarize you with our philosophies like Growth Mindset. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with all the resources on these pages.

Weekly Enewsletters BMS sends out by email a weekly enewsletter in English and Spanish. This resource highlights upcoming events, important news, volunteer and donation opportunities, great articles, and more. If you do not receive this email regularly, please update your email address in the online portal or with the front office. You can always view an archive of the enewsletters on our website as well. These are posted in English and Spanish.

Weekly Schoology Reports BMS sends out weekly Schoology reports to help you know whether your student has missing work or not. It’s important to review this with your child. Have questions about the report? Contact the front office.

Teachers Teachers welcome parents to contact them with questions. Email is generally the best method, and you can find those addresses here. Teachers may individually or by grade level send out information directly to their students or parents by email, Schoology, or Remind. Please feel free to reach out to teachers during non-class hours.

Text and Remind BMS uses Infinite Campus and Remind text messaging to occasionally inform families of important news or upcoming events. Please ensure your cell phone and email are current with the main office in order to receive these messages. Infinite Campus text messages will generally be sent out by administration to parents. Remind messages could be sent out to students, a class, or parents by either admin or individual teachers.

The Online Calendar Wondering what time to show up for the band concert, accountability meeting or sports event? Check the online calendar! It is the most reliable source of information on what's happening at BMS.

Facebook & Instagram The BMS Facebook Page serves two purposes: to provide important reminders about news and upcoming events and to share with families interesting and fun examples of student learning and school culture. Adolescence is a time when it may be hard for parents to figure out what's going on at school, so we take some of that guesswork away by providing families with a view into the school and classrooms. You can also find us on Instagram as #heybasaltmiddleschool.

YouTube BMS regularly uploads videos to our YouTube Channel. These videos include performances, band concerts, presentations, meetings, and student learning. Check out the channel a few days after an event. Chances are good we'll have a video posted for families to see.

Robocalls BMS may occasionally send out a Robocall notification in English and Spanish. Please listen to the full message before calling the school. Please also ensure your cell phone number is current with the main office in order to receive these calls.

Questions? Always feel free to call us with your questions! The front office phone number is (970) 384-5900.