Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes provide different programming options at each grade level and generally students rotate through six different enrichment classes in the year, two each trimester (a purple and a silver class). Purple days are Mondays and Thursdays; silver days are Tuesdays and Fridays. There is no enrichment on Wednesdays. If a student is in a Math Lab or ELA Lab or Academic Support class to accelerate their learning, they may stay in that enrichment for more than one trimester if they are making progress and continue to need that level of additional teaching. Students with Advanced Learning Plans in PEAK have one of their enrichments per trimester with the PEAK coordinator.

Enrichments by grade level are:

5th: Library Skills, Human Body, Book Club, Creative Expressions, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, PEAK, ELA Lab, Math Lab, Academic Support

6th: Trailblazers, Movement, Mars, Poetry, Book Club, Creative Expressions, PEAK, ELA Lab, Math Lab, Academic Support

7th: Science Fair, Exploring Music Creation, Wellness, Behavioral Economics, Community Projects, Cultural Explorations, PEAK, ELA Lab, Math Lab, Academic Support

8th: Human Environmental Impacts, Current Events, Journalism, Community Art, History of Popular Music, Cultural Exploration, PEAK, ELA Lab, Math Lab, Academic Support

Class lists for enrichment classes are created using various sources including teacher feedback and assessment data. Middle School students benefit from being exposed to many types of learning experiences and career paths to help them develop their interests during a time when their identity is still forming. If you have ideas for enrichment classes that we could be offering at BMS, feel free to share them with Principal Ellsperman.