What is Crew?

Crew is an advisory model system that was implemented at Basalt Middle School and across the Roaring Fork School District in 2015-16.

Crew is a dedicated time in student schedules to focus on character skills and social-emotional learning as well as academic goal-setting and fostering risk, fun, creativity and adventure. At BMS, Crew is a 30-minute block four times a week, however we believe that the work implemented in these Crew classes should be in place in every class, thus the saying, Crew Every Day.

What is the Purpose of Crew at BMS?

Crew classes address four specific areas:

  • Positive Culture & Relationships: Build and maintain a positive school culture, relationships, climate, and community that connects to each other and serves the broader community.
  • Academic Advisement: Facilitate goal setting to develop college and career readiness.
  • Character Development: Develop and maturate Habits of a Scholar (character skills) and support social-emotional learning.
  • Adventure: Foster risk, fun, creativity and wellbeing.
Why Do Schools Have Crew or Advisory Programs?

The research supporting directly teaching performance character skills through a Crew system is very strong.  Directly teaching about topics like brain development, growth mindset, executive function and learning strategies has a proven track record of creating a student belief system where effort is the primary driver of success and students assume power and ownership over their own education.  The leading school networks in Colorado and the United States all include a Crew advisory model, including the Denver School of Science and Technology, Expeditionary Learning Schools, and KIPP schools.  While these three school models are very different, they all understand the importance of cultivating outstanding relationships and a culture of effort.  At Basalt Middle School, we share these values and look forward to advancing them through our Crew system this year."

What Exactly Do Students Learn in Crew?

BMS teachers have received several trainings on the Crew Advisory Model and each year put together a roadmap outlining the quarterly learning outcomes for students. They work together to create systematic vertical (across grades) and horizontal (between grades) lesson plans that focus on the four stated goals of Crew.