Welcome to 7th Grade
Welcome to 7th grade at Basalt Middle School!

Our 7th grade teachers pride themselves on providing a rigorous academic experience for our students in the core subjects of math, English language arts, science, and social studies. Over the past several years, our 7th grade student growth has exceeded state averages in reading, writing, and math, as measured by the Colorado Growth Model. This is a direct result of the high expectations our teachers have for our students. Additionally, our 7th grade team leads student teambuild excursions with a multi-day outdoor education experience. Middle school athletics also begin in 7th grade, and well over half of our students participate in football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and/or track.

7th Grade Staff Picture

The 7th grade team includes Melissa Sullivan, Howie Kuhn, Mary Bright, Apryl Newkirk, and Sarah Frederick

7th Grade Staff