Concert Information

There will be 6 different concerts throughout the year. Not all grades are at all concerts, so please double check your band handbook. Concert attendance is mandatory for all band students at each of their respective programs. Here are the Concerts for 2022-2023

Homecoming (8th grade): September 30th

Fall Concert 6th-12: October 20th at 6:30pm

5th Grade beginning band concert: November 8th at 6:00pm

Winter Concert 6th-12th: December 15th at 6:30pm

5Th Grade beginning band concert: February 28th at 6:00pm

Joy of Music: May 12th at 5pm

Warm-Up Times Students need to be on stage and ready to play at their warm-up time, which means they need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior. Please make sure your son/daughter arrives on time! Late students cause late warmups, which cause a delayed concert start

Where to Go When students arrive, they need to take their instrument to the GYM. They will put their instruments together in the gym, close up the case, and then walk to the seats in the auditorium. After their grade’s performance, they will head back to the gym to put their instrument away. Please make sure your son/daughter has their name on their case!!!

5th and 6th Grade
Black Basalt Band t-shirts, BLACK dress pants (no jeans, no pajama pants, no sweatpants, etc), BLACK dress shoes, BLACK socks. Skirts/dresses must be below the knees.

7th and 8th Grade
New purple polo shirt, BLACK dress pants (no jeans, no pajama pants, no sweatpants, etc), BLACK dress shoes, BLACK socks. Skirts/dresses must be below the knees.

High schoolers will only need their formal concert attire.

Information for the Audience

  • Food will be sold before/during the concert as a fundraiser for the Band Boosters starting at 5:30 p.m. that will be available in the cafeteria before and throughout the concert. The cost is $5 a plate and $1 for desserts, so bring your appetite and come early.

  • Please remember that these students have worked very hard to put on a great performance for you! Your enthusiastic applause really means a lot to them. Remember to show your appreciation after each performance!

  • The auditorium doors will open at 6:20pm. I apologize that we can't open them earlier. Please don't try to sneak in prior to 6:20. The pre-concert warm-up times are crucial for me to get each band organized and focused before the concert. Having parents sneak in and out is a disruption to our warmup.

  • The auditorium doors will be closed during each grade's performance. No one will be permitted to enter the auditorium while a band is performing as it is very disrespectful to the students on stage and the rest of the audience. You will be allowed to enter/exit in between each grade.

  • Please remember to bring your best concert etiquette! This means no talking during performances, turning your phone OFF, not getting up and moving around during performances. These students have worked very hard and deserve our respect and attention!

  • Please keep your children under control. We have had problems in the past with kids (band and non-band members) running around the school before/during/after concerts. Let’s pull together as a community to make this a night when we respect the performers, each other, and our school!

  • Please realize that our auditorium is essentially brand new! Do not put your feet on chairs and there should be NO FOOD, DRINK, OR GUM in the auditorium. We have waited a long time to have our auditorium renovated and we need to keep nice and clean for a long, long time.

Please contact me with any questions. The best way to reach us is or Looking forward to what should be an awesome Winter Concert!

Andrew and Nick