Take the Family Survey Feb. 3-21!

The Family Survey opens Feb. 3! Here's what you need to know from BMS...

FAMILY SURVEYS COMING THIS WEEK TO YOU! The district-wide Panorama family survey window is February 3rd-21st, will be available in English and Spanish, and we truly would love to hear from every single family! We will be reaching out to families in a variety of ways:

-- Any family member with an email address on file with Infinite Campus will receive the survey link and access code via email from the outside vendor “Panorama” (this email will not come from the school or district, so check your spam filters if you don’t receive it). If you don’t receive an email from Panorama by February 4 and you have an email address, you can call the BMS front office office at 384-5900 for your access code and the link.

-- Families who do not have email addresses may come take the survey on computers set up at BMS during conferences (Feb. 13 and 14) on computers or by paper. They may also contact the front office for the access code and the general website link. Families will need the access code to take the survey at the below link. (https://surveys.panoramaed.com/roaringforksd/login)

-- Families unable to take the survey online in either of these two ways may ask for a paper copy to fill out. Contact Family Liaison Conchita Ramirez or Bridget Rawley and Karen Hillebrand in the front office for help with taking the survey or getting your access code.

Although everyone taking the survey must use a unique access code, this code is only for Panorama’s purposes. Your survey is completely anonymous and confidential at the district and school level.

The data from these surveys drive many decisions and priorities for how we spend our money, use our staff resources, and provide learning opportunities for our students. If we have fewer than 20% of our families participating in the survey, those few voices drive decisions that impact all of our students. We hope for 100% participation this year and the chance to hear ALL your voices and feedback.

Family Survey