Specials Classes

Basalt Middle School offers students the opportunity to explore several different kind of specials classes. Over the course of a year, students generally will rotate through art, physical education, STEAM, and music classes. These offerings tap into the creative and kinesthetic tendencies of middle school students, providing a well-rounded education beyond core academic classes. Specials classes are separate from and taught at a different time from Enrichment classes.

Staff Members
The Specials Team consists of Carolyn Stuart (Art), Andrew Zakerski (Music), Audra Schmidt (PE), Nick Lenio (Music), Carl Frerichs (PE)

The Specials Team consists of Emily Steiger (Bilingual Math), Andrew Zakerski (Band), Carl Frerichs (PE), Caryolyn Stuart (Art), Tiffany Robison (PE), Yohanna Castillo (Spanish), Tiana Loeffler (Steam/Makerspace)