Our Music Program

GENERAL INFORMATION: Beginning in 5th grade, students can elect to join our Basalt band program, which serves over half the student body in 5th through 8th grades at Basalt Middle School. The program continues on through high school. Currently there are over 300 participants in the grades 5-12 program. Students additionally audition for Colorado honor bands, including All Valley and District Honor Band. The program offers many performances annually, ranging from sporting events to street performances to formal concerts.

MUSIC CLASSES: Most band classes are on silver days except for 6th grade woodwinds which are on purple days.

5TH GRADE: Students in 5th grade can elect to be part of the 5th grade Band with Mr. Lenio. Each spring, the 6th grade band gives a presentation to the incoming 5th graders to help them choose an instrument. Students are placed in either Brass or Woodwinds class depending on their preference. Brass class is for trumpet, trombone, and baritone, and Woodwinds class is for flute, clarinet, and saxophone. Students in Brass class will have band during quarters 1 and 3, and students in Woodwinds class will have band during quarters 2 and 4.

6TH GRADE: In 6th grade, band students move to having band all four quarters, with separate classes for Brass and Woodwinds taught by both Mr. Zakerski and Mr. Lenio. 6th graders also have the option to explore new, more advanced instruments like percussion, tenor saxophone, and tuba. There are also two music enrichment classes for 6th graders. Mr. Lenio will be teaching a Modern Band class that will focus on instruments like guitar, bass, ukulele, drum set, and keyboard. Mr. Zakerski will be teaching a music technology class where students can learn to construct their own music using computer programs.

7TH GRADE: In 7th grade, band is no longer split up into Brass and Woodwinds. All band students have class together as one large ensemble with Mr. Zakerski. All students in the 7th grade participate in a general music class that will be taught by Mr. Zakerski, which will focus on basic music theory, musicianship, and music technology.

8TH GRADE: 8th grade band is set up just like 7th grade band with Mr. Zakerski. In 8th grade, students participate in choir class with Mr. Zakerski where we will focus on extending the musicianship skills built in 7th grade and learning proper singing techniques.

Music Teachers

Music teachers Andrew Zakerski and Nick Lenio

Music class
5th grade first instruments
Addition Music Programing

In addition to our music programs, Basalt students regularly receive visits from Aspen Music Festival & School and Jazz Aspen Snowmass visiting musicians who perform, offer instruction to students, and answer questions about careers in music.

Join Band Boosters!

The Band Boosters make the magic happen! Behind the scenes, dedicated parents are fundraising, organizing, and supporting our band program. There are many ways you can get involved, from serving on the board to volunteering for a concert. All band parents are expected to volunteer over the course of the year. Donations are always welcome as well!

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