Principal Jennifer Ellsperman

Welcome to Basalt Middle School, home of the Longhorns, where you'll find a large banner with the inscription “Enter to Learn” hanging above the entryway. These words serve as a daily reminder for students and staff that we are all about learning. To create the best possible educational environment, we work diligently to maintain safety, foster critical thinking, embrace challenge, and build academic mindsets.

In our classrooms, visitors see many commonalities. Instruction begins promptly with the bell. Lesson design encourages students to go beyond rote skills. BMS students analyze, explain, and evaluate material regularly. Because we expect all students to pursue high levels of education, we also understand that they need to be challenged daily in order to prepare them for the demands of their continuing education and future careers. A day where a student doesn’t have to think critically or engage fully in a challenging lesson is a wasted day. Essentially, we believe in effort on all our parts-- but it has to be the right kind of effort that employs smart learning strategies!

Visitors to BMS also notice that our school actively strives to maintain a positive climate and culture. Students and staff abide by our EXPECT themes: Executive Skills, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Compassion, and Teamwork. Additionally, we emphasize academic responsibility and growth mindset. Together, these "Habits of a Scholar" create a shared value system that serve to build a positive and hard-working school environment. Beyond core classes and values, BMS also offers many other learning opportunities for students. Our music, art, technology, and physical education programs ensure that BMS students receive a well-rounded education. This roadmap has led to an impressive track record of success. In core subjects, BMS has repeatedly been recognized for its student learning by the Colorado Department of Education. The Nation Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform has recognized BMS as a “School to Watch” since 2012 and invited us to share our work implementing a Growth Mindset school culture to national audiences in Washington D.C.

As students leave our school, they see a banner above the doors that reads, “Exit to Lead.” We expect our students to apply their academic lessons and core values on both sides of those doors. Hence the message: Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead.

Principal Jennifer Ellsperman