Welcome to 8th Grade
Welcome to 8th Grade!

Our 8th grade students provide outstanding leadership for our school, while our 8th grade teachers do a wonderful job both preparing students for the academic demands of high school and developing responsible and hard working citizens for our school and community. Academically, our 8th graders historically register above state average growth scores according to the Colorado Growth Model in all assessed areas. Our 8th graders also partake in a slate of programming designed to build teamwork, teach positive decision-making skills, and enhance work ethic. In the fall, 8th graders travel to Buena Vista for a multi-day outdoor education experience. Throughout the year, students also take part in a series of seminars designed to help them make healthy, safe choices as they continue through adolescence.

8th Grade Staff Picture

Our 8th grade team includes Sarah Strattan, Sarvary Koller, Caitlyn Mulroy, Melissa Goodman, Edgar Chavarria, Amanda Kaufmann, Jane Douglass, Katelyn Foster.

Staff Members
8th Grade Yearbook Fun

We ask 8th Grade for fun baby pictures to put in the yearbooks. If your student would like to do this please send a copy of the photo of your student to Yearbookbms1@gmail.com