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When students and teachers possess the belief that intelligence and skills can be developed, they are exhibiting a "Growth Mindset."   We improve, learn, and achieve excellence through outlook, hard work and effort.  Challenges are stepping-stones to improvement not roadblocks to avoid.  Approaching work with this mindset encourages our school community to focus on continuous improvement regardless of where we begin on the learning spectrum.  At BMS it is not about how smart we are.  It is about the attitude we bring to learning and how hard we work. Growth Mindset is the lens through which we also teach Habits of a Scholar, critical 21st century character skills every student needs to master.




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Resource: Looking for Growth Mindset resources? Check out this Facebook group

Resource: Edutopia offers diverse resources for teaching a Growth Mindset

Resource: Introduction to Growth Mindset for Parents (English)

Resource: Introduction to Growth Mindset for Parents (Spanish)

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Resource: Growth Mindset feedback language for parents to try at home (Spanish)

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Website: Mindset Works: The home of Growth Mindset for schools and Brainology on the web 

Website: The Home of Carol Dweck's Mindset on the web



Book:  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck 


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