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From January 8 through February 9, students in the English Language Development program at BMS will be taking a mandated standardized test called the WIDA Access Test.  This test assesses the level of students proficiency in 4 key domains of English language acquisition: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The results of this test are used either to exit a student from the English Language Development program into the general education program at BMS or to place them in the appropriate ELD class level to continue their growth. Students will be tested according to the following schedule:


January 9-11: Listening (approximately 40 minutes)
January 11-12: Reading (approximately 35 minutes)
January 17-18: Writing (up to 65+ minutes)
January 23-26: Speaking (up to 30 minutes)
January 27-February 9: Make-up testing


All testing will be done on computers EXCEPT the 5th grade writing test, which will be filled out on paper. Students should come to school with pencils, earbuds, healthy snacks, and a water bottle.

This testing is very important to an ELD student's individual progress and ultimate graduation from the English Language Development program. More information on this test can be found on our website at:


Parents can help their student put their best effort into this test by:

  • Sharing with them why this test is important to their progress and that they should take it seriously.
  • Providing healthy breakfasts on test days and sending students with healthy snacks to school.
  • Ensuring student gets lots of rest and sleep to help them put forth their best effort.


Students will be expected to make up work from missed classes during testing, and teachers will communicate with students to ensure that new deadlines and expectations are clear. If you have any questions about this testing, please contact your child’s teacher. Thank you for being a great partner in your child’s education!

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