Dear BMS Community,

We are so DEEPLY thankful to the Basalt Education Foundation for supporting Basalt schools and our teachers. This year BEF’s teacher grant cycle gave away $50,000 in projects. Here’s what was funded at BMS:

-- Ms. Houston’s annual trip to the ARC for her students who worked hard all year.

-- Mr. Bradley received three grants for wrestling, 8th grade science supplies, and the garden.

-- Ms. Douglass received funds to purchase copies of the book The Distance Between Us-- we hope to make this a school-wide book read in May. She also received funds to purchase books in genres that teachers have been especially requesting.

-- BMS teachers wrote a joint grant for funds to turn our old conference room space into a dual purpose multimedia studio for video, green screen, audio and other studio purposes.

-- Mrs. Adams and the 5th grade team received a grant to partially fund all 5th graders next year on a special Keystone science learning field trip.

-- Speech Pathologist Susan Flynn received support for a multi-modality (auditory, visual, and tactile) approach to help children with speech production difficulties.

-- In conjunction with BES, Mr. Allen secured another year of Brainpop for all teachers to use. This highly popular program offers interactive online learning content for students. BMS/BES Buddy programs also received funds.

We are so grateful for all that the Basalt Education Foundation does to support our students and our programming. We are able to bring exciting content and opportunities to students because of this amazing and dedicated organization.


Jennifer Ellsperman

Principal, Basalt Middle School

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