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Our 5th grade team includes Carry Sims, Vreni Nielsen, Molly Goscha, Kaet Snyder, Jaclyn Everett, and Lisa Dameron.
We are excited to welcome new 5th grade families to our school! Please read our Orientation Information Packet to familiarize yourself with our school. We also encourage you to bookmark our BMS website and our BMS Facebook Page.

The fifth grade team is dedicated to transitioning our 5th graders into middle school with great care and compassion. Our 5th grade pod provides an inclusive environment designed to prepare students for the academic demands of middle school. Noteworthy outdoor education and team-building experiences include field trips around the valley to study erosion and local history as well as an annual spring pilgrimage to the landfill to learn about waste, recycling, and environmental stewardship. Our 5th grade teachers are dedicated to ensuring that all students develop the enduring knowledge, skills, and character to thrive throughout their middle school years.
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