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(Marlon Funez and Paul Hassel)

The BMS School Counselors
Basalt Middle School's School Counselor Office serves in a variety of capacities to support students. 

Marlon Funez is BMS's School Counselor and runs all the below activities in addition to Student Council. He has a master's degree in Counseling and Human Services, N.C.C. His contact information is: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Phone: 970-384-5899. Fax: 970-384-5905. Families are welcome to contact him at any time. 

Paul Hassel is our Prevention Specialist. He came to BMS as part of a three-year grant from the State of Colorado. Previously he worked as a therapist with the Youth Recovery Center. His work is directed toward substance abuse prevention, the promotion of students’ mental health, and supporting staff to recognize and address risky behaviors in middle school. His contact information is: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Phone: 970-384-5870.


Comprehensive School Counseling Program
The Basalt Middle School Counseling Program provides all students support for academic growth, career planning, and personal/social development.  Students and families are encouraged throughout the year to contact the school counselor to address any areas of concern.  The school counselor utilizes multiple formats to provide support, outreach, prevention/intervention services and guidance curriculum to all students. 

 The Goals of the Basalt Middle School Counseling Department Are:
  • To assist students with educational, personal, career and goal planning.
  • To help students understand themselves and others.
  • To assist students in identifying and dealing with problems.
  • To provide crisis intervention when necessary.
  • To coordinate referrals to school and community support services.
  • To serve as a resource to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

 Some Reasons to Contact Your Child’s School Counselor Are:
  • Any time you want to say hello
  • Academic skills support
  • Career preparation
  • School adjustment issues
  • Coping, problem-solving,decision-making concerns
  • Organizational, study and test-taking skills
  • Peer relationships and conflict resolution problems  
  • Divorce, separation and family changes
  • Experiencing loss, death and grief
  • Substance abuse awareness
  • Multicultural/diversity awareness
  • School-based and community resources information or referrals
How to Contact the School Counselor: Via-email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone: 970-384-5899, Visit the school to speak with the School Counselor


Counseling Services
As a school counselor, Mr. Funez offers individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom guidance to students.  He consults/collaborates with students, teachers, parents, administrators and community agencies.

Referrals for school counseling are accepted from students, parents, school staff, and community resources.  The length of individual sessions is based on a student's need, but generally sessions don't exceed 30 minutes per meeting/session. Group counseling meetings generally are 30-45 minutes long for 4 to 6 weeks.  Mr. Funez takes a solution-focused theoretical approach to counseling.  School counseling is brief and students requiring long-term counseling will be referred to outside agencies.  

There is not a fee associated with any school counseling services provided by the school counselor. 

Individual Planning
Individual planning for academic, career or personal/social needs is available all year to all students.  Students may seek academic advising or support for personal/social concerns by coming to the school counselor office and/or teacher and parent referrals.  Students are informed and reminded about the confidentiality statement (see below). 

Small Group Support
Small groups are need-based support or service learning opportunities with students experiencing similar concerns or interests.  Based on referrals, student request and/or survey data, groups are created to meet the needs of students at BMS.  Small groups are voluntary and typically meet once weekly for six to eight weeks. 

Career Development
In collaboration with the CREW Curriculum, a program for career development and future planning is under development. 

Grief/Loss & Family Changes Group.
Basalt Middle School is now offering an opportunity to join a Grief/loss and family changes group.  This group of students will meet once a week during lunch to talk about what they are experiencing regarding grief/loss and family changes.  The group will meet about 8 weeks starting December 11.  Students will learn coping strategies and be able to support each other in their process and get to know others. Interested students must fill out the registration form at the below link to join. Parents must also sign a permission form and return it to Mr. Funez.  Contact Mr. Funez for details. 
Registration Form (to be filled out by student)
Permission Form English (to be filled out by parent)
Permission Form Spanish (to be filled out by parent)


Paul Hassel, Counselor
Over the summer of 2017, the Roaring Fork Schools obtained a School Health Program grant.  The purpose of this grant is to work within our schools and communities to build protective factors which can counteract substance abuse and other mental health risks, such as teen pregnancy and suicide.  The goals of this program are to: 1) Get more educators routinely teaching and coaching prevention strategies; 2) Make it easier for students and families to get substance abuse and/or mental health services; 3) Heighten awareness among educators so that they can respond and intervene in preventative ways with their students; and 4) Create strong and lasting connections between the schools and services out in the community.What this means for your student at Basalt Middle School is that he/she will have improved access to counseling services if needed (both inside and outside of school).  Students will learn about mental and physical health risks.  Most importantly, students will learn strategies and skills that are provided to keep your student safe and healthy. 

Paul Hassel, Prevention Specialist Bio
Paul comes to BMS as part of a three-year grant awarded from the state of Colorado to add counseling and prevention services to each of our middle schools in the district. Paul has been a therapist with the Youth Recovery Center for the past 9 years. He also has experience as a CMC ropes course facilitator, a middle school civics teacher, and an Outward Bound instructor. At BMS, Paul’s work will be directed toward substance abuse prevention, the promotion of students’ mental health, and supporting staff to recognize and address risky behaviors in middle school. Paul is looking forward to getting to know our students, staff, and families.


Counseling Resources
Family Education Event. This evening family class on January 10 at BMS will address Building Stronger Self-Regulation Skills in students.

Legacy Camp: Legacy Camp is a fully funded program for grieving children who have lost an immediate family member. Camps are offered throughout the year, and the camp takes place at the Keystone Science Center, where our 5th grade outdoor ed trip heads annually. Please check out this unique opportunity for your child at this link:

Family Support Resources: A variety of organizations offer family resources in our community.

Parenting Support Resources Adolescence can be a tricky time for parents. We provide articles and links to a variety of topics such as bullying, social media, drug use, and suicide.

Recommended Article: How to Help Children Deal With their Feelings

Recommended Article: How to Raise Nice Kids. This article offers tips for raising kind children. 

School Counseling: Three Things School Counselors Want You To Know About Their Jobs


Confidentiality Statement
The information shared with me is treated with the greatest respect.  Generally, information shared in counseling will not be shared with anyone.  As required by law, however, there are several limits to confidentiality.  These limits include threat or harm to self or others, suspected child or elder abuse or neglect, and by court order.  Additionally, information may be shared with a school administrator if behavior reported is a violation of school policy and must be reported; if counselor needs advice and needs to consult with a fellow counseling professional; if informing an administrator or classroom teacher is in student's best interest; if making parents aware of certain situations shared in counseling is in student's best interest and if student request counselor tell someone else.  In the latter situations, sharing of information will be discussed with the student and will only be shared on a need to know basis in an ethically and helpful manner.  In group counseling, the expectation of confidentiality is shared with students and students are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.  However, confidentiality in a group can be a difficult to maintain.  As such, students are encouraged to share certain information with me in individual meetings.


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