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Renovation Guiding Principles
The passing of the 2015 Roaring Fork School District Bond has made possible the exciting upcoming renovation of Basalt Middle School. BMS has been working hard through the spring and summer to finalize plans for the remodel. User groups including administration, teachers, parents, community members, architects, engineers, and other experts brought in by the architect groups have met in three separate Design Advisory Groups (DAG)- one for the general building, one for the auditorium, and one for the traffic circulation at both the elementary and the middle school. It has been an amazing process of brainstorming, revising, refining, and adjusting. As of the fall, 2016, we have just completed the design phase and are now moving into the construction document phase.

The district's Design Retreat in the spring of 2016 determined five main areas of focus for all middle schools to consider:

  1. “Heart” of the school

  2. Classrooms

  3. Halls/Pods/Corridors

  4. Adult Working & Learning Space

  5. Outdoor Learning Spaces


Remodel Specifics: 
Basalt Middle School also focused on guiding principles that would meet the needs of our specific specific and diverse community, which were to inspire learning and discovery, support flexible learning styles and spaces, foster safety, enhance collaboration, and be environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Here are the main components of the Basalt Middle School remodel:

  1. A Safe and Secure Entry will include a window to the office for visitors to be “buzzed” in to the school.

  2. Our main office will be remodeled to incorporate a teacher work space and the counselor’s office.

  3. To create the “heart” of the school, several of our specials classrooms are being reconfigured. The new Media Center (aka Library) will connect to both the foyer and the academic wing. This space can be opened up into the foyer to create a more flexible learning space. A new innovation space classroom and the computer lab will border the Media Center on the right side and house our 3D Printers and tech components. The art room will be moved to the office and classroom spaces across the main hallway from the media center to create the "heart" of our school. 

  4.  The staff offices and health offices displaced by these renovations will be moved to the location of the current band room. 

  5. The band room will move down the hallway from its current location and be expanded to include a storage space for instruments.
  6. In place of the former preschool area at the back of the school, a flexible movement space for activities like yoga and wrestling will be installed.
  7. The auditorium will receive a major overhaul that includes the addition of set space storage and auditorium wing space. The c

    omplete remodel of the auditorium will include new electrical, sound, curtains, seating, and a presentation system.

  8. At the end of the 7th/8th hallway, classrooms and a pod area will be added so that the bungalows will not be needed for regular classroom use and 7th and 8th grade students will have a pod feel similar to 5th and 6th grades.

  9. Fire sprinklers, new windows, painting, carpeting, HVAC improvements, and other mechanical repairs will be completed.

  10. Exterior parking and access to the school will be remodeled. Traffic will be reconfigured to include staff parking behind the building and two drop off spaces in front of the middle school.

  11. Exterior landscape remodeling will including replacement of a retaining wall. For information on our new playground (which is not part of bond funds), Click Here


Links to Design Images
For visual plans of Basalt Middle School's remodel, visit the below links:

Phasing Plan for Remodel of BMS

Auditorium Remodel Image

Traffic Circulation Plan

Interior Building Remodel


Remodel Timeline

  • Winter 2017: Construction will begin on the two new classrooms, the auditorium, the new innovation space, the new computer lab, the Media center and the movement space.
  • Spring 2017: Construction will begin on the new Music room.
  • Summer 2017: Construction will continue in the main part of the building including the new art room, 7th & 8th grade pod, Media center extension into the foyer, safe and secure entry, and the office spaces.


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