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Bassalt Middle School is thrilled to announce that it is the recipient of a Colorado Health Foundation Healthy Living Middle School Outdoor Learning Environment Grant of $125,000! In combination with a $23,000 Basalt Education Foundation grant and $25,000 from the Roaring Fork School District, Basalt Middle School will debut a state-of-the-art playground in the fall of 2017 that fosters both free and structured outdoor play, encourages physical activity, offers opportunities to practice character and growth mindset skills like perseverance and teamwork, and serves as a resource for the entire Basalt community.

Supported by student designs and ideas, this playground will incorporate a variety of equipment ranging from major playground structures like a Parcour ropes course, a Zipline, and an Orion Space Net and climbing boulders to simpler activities like tetherball, slides and swingsets to natural and science-oriented areas that include climbing boulders, natural play spaces, and a Tinkeryard. 

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