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At Basalt Middle School, we expect that all assigned work is turned in, even if late. Students are responsible for what has been assigned.


Why Homework?

When your student asks why he/she has to do homework, it can be for one of several reasons:

  • To practice skills for memory (math facts, spelling words, vocabulary)
  • For reading fluency-- the more you read, the faster you read with better comprehension
  • For review of a skill that was recently taught but not yet mastered
  • To complete an assignment or project not finished during school work time


How to Help Your Child With Homework:

  • Help your child set up a consistent, organized place for homework to be done that is free of distractions.
  • Help your child establish a consistent daily schedule for homework completion. For some that may be directly after school. Others may need a break first.
  • Check your student's planner regularly to ensure student is recording assignments correctly and bringing the right work home.
  • Place yourself physically away from the child. They need to feel the accomplishment of the ‘aha, I got it!’ times themselves and not attribute it to an adult helper. This builds independence.
  • Only help when the student wants the help and never do the work for them. Student should hold the pencil 99% of the time.
  • Get curious about your child’s work through questioning: How did you figure that out? What’s another way you could have done that? How many times did you try before it turned out right? What here was challenging and how did you figure it out? What do you plan to do next time?
  • When the work is difficult, help your child work through frustration or a negative attitude: Encourage your child to ask for help when stuck. Ask them how they might go about a problem differently to solve it. Model growth mindset language such as, "you haven't mastered this--yet" (When you hear "I can't...") or "it's okay to make mistakes-- that's part of the learning process" or "I admire your persistence and the way you're tackling this challenge even though it's hard."
  • When your child has worked hard but cannot complete the assignment in a reasonable amount of time, and you are thinking about sitting down and helping . . . . STOP!  Have the child email his/her teacher or help him/her write a note.


When Parents Should Contact a Teacher:
Always encourage students to own their learning first and contact the teacher themselves for help. However, please reach out to a teacher if:

  • You notice that your child is consistently unable to talk about what knowledge he is practicing or using.
  • If there is something that comes up that prevents your child from completing homework-- a simple note to the teacher is helpful.
  • If your student has not been doing any homework, has a blank planner, or says he/she's regularly finished it all at school.


Late, Missing, Forgotten Homework:

Missing work can impact a student's eligibility for sports and Habits of a Scholar grades on the report card, HOWEVER we encourage parents not to rescue their student either by doing work for them or bringing work to school when it's left at home-- these are great opportunities for learning and important lessons in responsibility and independence.

  • Parents will be notified weekly with a Robocall if students are on the Missing Work list. Parents should encourage students to check in with a teacher to make up the work.
  • Teachers are often available in the mornings, after school, and during lunch time for help. Students should talk to their teacher to arrange a good time to come in and get help.  Teachers always appreciate a student who is willing to show effort, seek help, and stick with a tough assignment.

Links to Online Homework
Students are sometimes assigned homework to be completed online. If your student does not have internet access at home, they can complete this homework during Homework Help after school when computers are available or at the Basalt Public Library. Please contact your teacher with any concerns about technology access.

Link to IXL for Math Homework. Your student will know his/her login information. 

Link to Khan Academy. Your student will know his/her login information.

Schoology. Your student will know his/her login information

Parent Homework Resources:

Resource: Homework Tips English 

Resource: 11 Ideas for Homework English

Resource: 11 Ideas for Homework Spanish

Resource: 13 Better Questions to Ask Your Child About School (English)

Resource: 13 Better Questions to Ask Your Child About School (Spanish)

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