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At BMS, we believe every student should have the choice and opportunity to attend college. Planning for college begins in middle school, and so we've provided the below resources to help parents learn about the college path and stay informed.


Regional Resources 

The Western Slope College Fair offers many symposiums online and also fall and spring events: Also, Click Here  and Click Here for important college information.

2017 RECAP: Looking ahead to College and Career at Basalt High School. For the RECAP and video of the evening, Click Here

CMC Pathways to Higher Education. Click here for information regarding this opportunity for college scholarships via CMC


General Resources

Why college matters, Click here

BMS' Stepping Stones to College Success: Click here

The First Five Steps on the Road to College, Click here

A Middle School Parent's College Prep Guide, Click here

Middle School Check lists for academic and financial preparation, Click here

College tours for tweens? Click here

College in Colorado: take an interest profile and explore careers, college planning, and financial aid, Click here

Breaking Down Myths about College, Click here

Students: Get involved now! Check out the list of ways to get involved at BMS: Click here


Financial Aid Resources

U.S. News: Paying For College, Click here 

Insider tips for paying for college, Click here

Financial Aid information round-up, Click here

How to pick the right student loan, Click here

Financial Aid for Undocumented Students No Longer Taboo, Click here


Looking Ahead to High School

Basalt High School offers an Incoming Student section on its website: Click here

Basalt High School Frequent Asked Questions: Click here

Basalt High School Activities & Clubs: Click here

Basalt High School Course Catalog for Registration: Click here

Basalt High School Registration Form for 8th Grade Students: Click here

Basalt High School offers a College & Career Information section on its website, Click here

Basalt High School Facebook Page, Click here

Basalt High School Accountability Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm in the high school library. Eighth grade parents are welcome to check it out and learn about the high school.


Looking Ahead to College

Recommended reading: From the BHS college & career counselor, click here

Basalt High School College Acceptance/Matriculation List for classes of 2013 and 2014, Click here

Basalt High School Returning Grads Panel Talk 2015, Click here

College Admissions Factors (from Basalt High School)

What do colleges look for? The order of importance varies from school to school; however, most colleges base admission on the following:

  • Quality of your academic records as seen in your selection of courses: Take the most challenging curriculum that can be successfully completed and then achieve the best possible grades. It is recommended that a student enroll in at least 4 core academic classes each year. Core academic courses are English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language.
  • Rigor of class schedule: Colleges are looking critically at the rigor of the course selection – especially both semesters of senior year.
  • ACT and/or SAT scores: Some colleges have actual cutoff scores for the SAT and ACT while others use tests for placement purposes.
  • Grade point average and class rank: Colleges use the grade point average and class rank as a predictor of academic success in college. The class rank is determined from the cumulative grade point average and is computed at the end of each semester.
  • Essay(s): If the college application requires an essay, take the time to do a good job. Ask an English teacher and/or college counselors to help with editing.
  • Recommendations from counselors and teachers: Many schools place considerable weight on recommendations from teachers, counselors, and employers. Students should request these from teachers early in their senior year.
  • Extracurricular and community service activities: Participation in activities such as clubs, student leadership, athletics, drama, and out of school organizations are increasingly seen as important in the admission process. Colleges want to see students select one or two areas and make a significant difference in these activities.

It is important to note that ability to pay is of little or no importance to the majority of colleges.

College Testing Information-- Learn the Lingo Now! (from Basalt High School)

ACT – The ACT is an assessment of college readiness and consists of four sections: English, Math, Reading and Science. An optional Writing test is also available and is required to apply to many colleges and universities. For more information and to register:

PSAT – PSAT is the preliminary SAT offered in the fall. Results of this test are used as a competitive examination to qualify juniors for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Freshmen and sophomores may also take the PSAT.

SAT – The SAT will change in 2016. The new SAT consists of two required sections and an optional essay: 1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, 2. Math 3. Optional Essay. SAT Subject Tests are also available and are required for application to some colleges and universities. Students should check colleges’ websites and/or consult with the BHS college counselor to determine college/university requirements. For more information and to register:

ASVAB - The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a free battery of tests sponsored by the department of defense to identify information about interests, abilities, and personal preferences. Some universities and tech schools may use this test as part of their admissions process:

For more on college preparation, read the BHS registration manual here.

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