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On March 8, Officer Thomas Wright and Prevention Specialist Paul Hassel presented information about vaping and how to talk to your student. The evening covered what vaping is, the health effects, how students are able to access vaping, what school consequences are, what the law says, and much more along with a frank discussion about prevention and how to start conversations with your student. 

Click here for the pdf of the powerpoint that accompanies the presentation by Thomas Wright.
Click here for the link to the study references throughout the evening on adolescent exposure to e-cigarettes.

 Part 1

 Part  2

 Part  3


Additional Presentations on Vaping
MARCH 15, 21, and 22: Free Community Presentations on vaping are happening in Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. On Thursday, March 15 at Glenwood Springs High School at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 21 at Carbondale Middle School at 6 p.m, and Thursday, March 22 at Glenwood Springs Middle School, an Eagle County Public Health presentation will cover the what and how of vaping. All parents, teachers, and community members are invited to these free presentations.


Resources on Teens & Vaping include:

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Vapor or E- Cigarettes in English and Spanish

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