Resources on Bullying
Basalt Middle School takes bullying extremely seriously. We strive to create a safe learning environment for all our students. Please report any incidents of bullying immediately to Principal Ellsperman at 384-5901 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cyberbullying and the internet: Commonsense Media

Bullying resource list: Click here 

Bullying resources:

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Resources on Social Media
Social Media is everywhere lately and increasingly it's a big challenge to navigate for both parents and middle school students. Threats of sexual predation, bullying, digital footprints, and data mining are just a few of the potential areas parents need to think about when they allow their children access to smart phones and social media. To learn more about social media age restrictions and guidelines, read a 2017 enewsletter by Principal Ellsperman. We encourage all parents to become informed about the dangers of social media and to that end have provided many resources below. We hope you'll take the time to look through them.


Resources on Drug Use

Is Marijuana Safe for Children and Adolescents? A study by Columbia University

Parent Marijuana Booklet in English

Parent Marijuana Booklet in Spanish

Additional Marijuana Resources in Spanish

Myths & Facts on Marijuana

Spice, Synthetic Canabis/THC

Marijuana Fact Sheet

Marijuana and Children

Substance use resources in English and Spanish

Vapor or E- Cigarettes in English and Spanish

Vapor or E- Cigarettes

The Dangers of Vape Pens

New study on E-Cigarettes


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