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Basalt Middle School recognizes that many students need either a quiet place to complete work after school or require a little more teacher instruction in order to learn key concepts. To accommodate this need, our teachers created Homework Help. Homework Help students can drop in to get assistance or complete work on an as-needed basis. Originally, this program was covered under a grant and was free to all students. This year families are being asked to contribute to the cost of the program in a small way in order to pay our teachers for their work.

As teachers may sometimes require students to attend Homework Help to catch up on late or missing work or receive help in particular subjects, we want to ensure that families understand that no student will be turned away for financial hardship. Scholarship assistance is available for those in need. Additionally, all teachers are contracted to be at BMS until 3:45pm, and a student is always welcome to stop by a teacher’s classroom to see if he/she is available for help.

The Homework Help Schedule of Teachers is available online here:


HOMEWORK HELP: Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays
Access AfterSchool runs Homework Help on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Students attending Homework Help on these days must check in with Ms. Grieser at the cafeteria at 3:20pm, where a snack will also be available, before heading to the classroom.

The cost to sign up is $25 and includes unlimited drop-in access. Students may use it as often or as little as they need, but they must fill out the registration and health form (coming soon) and pay the $25 fee. If your student requires financial assistance, please contact Beth Grieser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Access AfterSchool at 970-281-5437 to make other arrangements.  


BMS is funding Homework Help on Wednesdays to give athletes a place to go between the end of school hours and athletic practice. Athletes may attend homework help on Wednesdays for free. This program is coordinated by Karen Hillebrand (384-5900). No snack will be provided. Students should go to the classroom where they are assigned and check in.




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