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DEADLINE EXTENDED! Students have until Monday, Oct. 8,  to turn in final sales
orders or make a final push or order online with friends, family, and relatives. Please
support our school! Every dollar counts. Students need 6 orders to qualify for the Prize Scramble (All students receive a prize). 
The class with the most orders in every grade wins a donut party.


Our annual Magazine Sales Fundraiser is a critical driver of special projects and enrichment opportunities to ensure we can provide enrichment opportunities for students. This fundraiser covers Spanish classes, the Makerspace, flex classes, technology upgrades and much more. Please support this annual drive!


TUES, SEPT. 18 at NOON: STEP IT UP: For your student to qualify for prizes, they must go to, sign up, and send 12 emails by this date. Prizes will be handed out at lunch Sept. 19th. Prize Information Here 

WED., SEPT. 26: For your student to qualify for even MORE prizes, please turn in your paper orders to date. Online subscriptions will also automatically be counted by this date (and parents will thank you for not having to count change...). Prize Information Here

TUES, OCT. 2: For your student to qualify for even MORE prizes, please turn in your paper orders on this FINAL turn-in date. Online subscriptions will also automatically be counted by this date.  Prize Information Here



Parent volunteers are needed to help with prize day events. This committment is only a few hours each time. Sign up here:

Please contact Mr. Hayden at 384-5902 or parent volunteer Linda Hoffman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (970) 948-9001 if you can committ to helping next year. We need a new chairperson or lead. 



  • 50% of every magazine sale or renewal (you can do either) goes to BMS
  • You can make a donation if you'd rather not purchase a magazine. 100% of a donation through the magazine sales fundraiser goes back to our school. Students will still earn points and be able to participate in games. $15 = 1 subscription point for your student. To make a donation, simply include a check or cash with notation that it’s for donation and send back to school in the magazine envelope. This option is not available online.
  • You have the option to go paperless and encourage people to order online! They can go to and use the school code HELPBASALT. Have your student set up a school profile, and they'll get points towards prizes when orders mention them.
  • Students can ask anyone to participate (be safe, though!). Family members, local businesses, coworkers, family friends, etc. Students get points for subscriptions. Points add up to allow them entry into fun, zaney games over the next two weeks. 

This fundraiser is EXTREMELY important in funding needed BMS projects that we otherwise wouldn’t have money for, including a new computer lab and playground equipment.



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