The BMS/BHS Spring Concert is Thursday, May 25th, at 7pm in Harris Concert Hall, Aspen. This is the same venue that the band had their concert in last week. Mr. Lenio put together a very informative email that doubles for our program as well, please read this whole email:

REMINDER THAT EVEN THOUGH THIS CONCERT IS IN ASPEN, IT IS STILL MANDATORY FOR ALL CHOIR MEMBERS. Failure to participate will negatively affect a student’s grade.


Student Behavior - VERY IMPORTANT!
Aspen Music Festival and School has been so gracious to allow us to hold our concert in their auditorium. This facility is not a middle school and cannot be treated like one. I urge you to have a conversation (or several) with your son/daughter regarding their behavior on concert day. Students need to be on their absolute best behavior. We simply cannot risk any damage or misuse of Harris Hall. Thank you in advance for reinforcing this with your child. Any costs incurred by damage caused by student misbehavior will be passed along to that student’s families. If your child damages something in Harris Hall, you will be held financially responsible.

Parent Volunteers - VERY IMPORTANT!
I’m not exaggerating when I say that we literally cannot have a Spring Concert without a number of parent volunteers. District policy mandates that every bus must have at least one adult chaperone (in addition to the driver). We will also need volunteers to help supervise students while they are not on stage. As you can imagine, having one person try to simultaneously rehearse a choir while attempting to supervise 200 other choir students sounds like a nightmare. Here are some of the volunteer positions that we’ll need:

  • At least 2 chaperones to help set up pizza for the students at 3:45pm
  • At least 2 bus chaperones to depart with the 4:30pm bus
  • At least 4 parent chaperones to hand out programs and supervise students starting at 6:30pm



Where is the Concert? 
Harris Concert Hall is the Aspen Music Festival and School’s premier indoor concert venue. It is a fully professional, state of the art auditorium. It is located at: 960 N 3rd St, Aspen, CO.


How will students get to Harris Hall?
Students will be taken to Harris Hall on buses. Buses will depart BHS at 4:30pm.


Symphonic Choir and 8th Grade Choir 
BMS students are required either to walk or be driven by parents over to BHS. Students should be there by no later than 3:30 pm.
All students should report to the Auxiliary Gym (at BHS) at 3:30. We will rehearse before we load the buses to Harris.


Why so early?
Each choir will need time to rehearse together and eat dinner before we head up to Aspen.


How will students get home from Harris Hall?
Families are responsible for getting students home from Harris Hall. Bus transportation will NOT be provided! If you are unable to come pick up your son/daughter, please communicate with neighbors, friends, classmates in choir to arrange a ride. If you are having trouble lining up a ride, please reach out and I’ll try to facilitate a carpool.


Food for Students
The choir program is providing pizza for all students to eat at BHS around 4pm. This is a very early dinner, all students should plan to bring some snacks (granola bars, apples, etc.). ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD IS PERMITTED IN HARRIS HALL! All food must be eaten outside or in the upper lobby. This is another thing to discuss with your child.


Concert Attire
BHS - tux shirts, bow ties, vests, tux pants, black dresses.

BMS 8th- black pants, black shoes, black top (ladies), black pants, black shoes, white button-down shirt, black skinny tie (guys). Boys, please let ms. von Stein know if you did NOT keep your tie.


Please keep an eye open for more communication in the coming week. If you are able to volunteer for any of the positions mentioned above, please contact Ms. von Stein. As always, let her know if you have questions or concerns. She appreciates your help and patience with all of these details. It will be a logistically challenging concert, but it will be very worthwhile in the end when our excellent Basalt musicians get to shine on the Harris Hall stage!

Brittany von Stein, Basalt High School and Middle School | Choir Director
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 970-384-6185 (BHS) | 970-384-5879 (BMS)

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