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The BMS Band program just kicked off a new fundraiser. Students are selling items from three different brochures:

  • Simply Delicious - frozen cookie dough, cinnamon rolls, pretzels, and other sweets
  • Bob's Red Mill - healthier options including granola, oats, soup mixes, and several tasty gluten-free options
  • Longhorn BaSalsa - 5 varieties of salsa with our own Longhorn BaSalsa labels. 

A Few Notes About Selling: 

  • ORDERS DUE: March 3. All orders and money must be turned in by Friday, March 3rd.  This is a relatively short window (2 weeks) so students should get out there and sell!  Each student will get all of their profit (40% of total sales) deposited into their trip account.
  • Please look over your daughter/son's order forms and make sure that they have their names on all forms and envelopes!!  Every year, we have students who turn in fundraisers without their name which means they don't get any money deposited into the trip account.  
    Students CAN take donations!  Sometimes people don't want to buy anything but will happily donate money.  If this happens, please be sure to note the amount of donation on the envelope so it doesn't create accounting difficulties.  Of course, students get 100% of donations deposited into their trip account.
  • Before your son/daughter turns in their orders, please help them total all columns and count money!!!  This only take a few moments for you to do, but if myself and parent volunteers have to do it for over 300 students, it will take hours.
  • ORDERS DELIVERED TO BMS: April 4. Please plan on making time to pick up orders on this date.  It will then be your responsibility to deliver items to your customers.   
  • This fundraiser helps you daughter/son with funding their New Orleans trip! For all the info on the New Orleans Trip, click here 
  • Please contact Mr. Lenio with any questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and (570) 772-4626
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