Donate to Families In Need
BMS recently completed a food drive through our winter dance and we were able to provide food for five different families in our community. We would like to continue to help our community by creating emergency backpacks for students to take home. Emergency backpacks are used at our district Family Resource Center to help families in need. Items needed include: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Brush/comb, travel size shampoo, soap, deodorant, lip balm, warm socks, washcloth, bottle of water, granola bars, keychain flashlight/nightlight. Non-perishable or canned good meals are also welcome. We will be collecting for these items in Crew classes as well. This is a way for our students to show compassion in our community.  We would like to have the first collection by the end of March. Contact Counselor Marlon Funez at 384-5899 for details.


Bring In Your Box Tops
GET YOUR BOX TOPS IN! Yes! We do collect these and they really do add up to important $$ for BMS. There’s a tub in the front office, so bring them in-- we submit them throughout the year-- Did you know Box Tops expire? They do! So don't wait to send them in!


Renew your Citymarket Card
RENEW YOUR CITY MARKET CARD: You can attach your City Market card to BMS and we get $$ for every purchase. Call 1-866-221-4141 and designate BMS (#10032) as your organization of choice. YOU HAVE TO RENEW YOUR CARD ANNUALLY for BMS to receive $$.


Groceries Add Up
Are you shopping at Whole Foods? BEF, a huge supporter of BMS programs, is the recipient of the Whole Foods “Your Change Makes Change” program through Jan. 15. When you bring in your reusable grocery bags to the Willits store, you can donate your 10-cent-per-bag credit to BEF. Simply let the cashier know you want to donate your dimes -- you’d be surprised at how much this adds up! More info about BEF:


The BMS Magazine Fundraiser-- it's never over, even when it's over! 
Our BMS Magazine Fundraiser has come to an end, but you can renew or purchase your magazine online all year round. Just go to and use the code name HELPBASALT.

  • Nearly 50% of each sale goes to BMS
  • You don't have to buy a magazine-- you can renew previous subscriptions and the extra time will be added to the end of your current subscription.
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