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The renovation has begun! BMS is undergoing a tremendous transformation in 2017 that will improve both our outdoor and indoor learning environments. We are now providing Weekly Construction Updates and more information as needed below.


Weekly Construction Updates:
Our construction company, FCI, provides weekly status updates on the renovation progress.

5-19-17 FCI BMS Status Report
5-12-17 FCI BMS Status Repor

5-5-17 FCI BMS Status Report

4-28-17 FCI BMS Status Report

4-21-17 FCI BMS Status Report
4-14-17 FCI BMS Status Report
4-7-17 FCI BMS Status Report
3-24-17 FCI BMS Status Report
3-17-17 FCI BMS Status Report
3-10-17 FCI BMS Status Report
3-3-17 FCI BMS Status Report
2-24-17 FCI BMS Status Report
2-17-17 FCI BMS Status Report
2-5-17 FCI BMS Status Report
1-27-17 FCI BMS Status Report
1-20-17 FCI BMS Status Report


News & Notes from the Front Office: 
Student health and safety is of paramount concern during our renovations. Principal Ellsperman meets with the construction superintendent daily to address issues as they arise. Please feel free to contact her at 384-5901 if you have any concerns. We will strive to keep you up-to-date with highlights in this space. All construction workers on-campus have been approved by FCI and are identifiable as such via a sticker on their hat.

3-3-17: TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Traffic Switch to Occur this Week. During the week of March 13, construction crews will initiate a traffic shift on the Pedestrian Underpass Project, located at the intersection of State Highway 82 and Basalt Avenue. Please view the attached PDF for a detailed three-step phase of the shift.  There will be various single lane closures in both Upvalley and Downvalley directions as crews paint the roadway, move barriers, and complete paving operations. Delays can be expected. Flaggers will be directing traffic at the intersection of SH 82 and Basalt Avenue. SH 82 Basalt Pedestrian Underpass Project, Public Information Team, Ph. 970-718-5818. Click Here for PDF with more information

2-24-17: This week the access road behind BMS will be closed off for fire piping and the construction of the new staff parking lot. Controlled access from the lunchtime courtyard to the football field will be provided for students, however the basketball court and parking behind the school will now be off limits. Thank you for your patience during this whole construction process.

2-12-17: New areas were approved to start site work recently. Student access will be maintained per this updated phase drawing.

1-25-17: Today we spoke with our construction superintendent about the temperature of the Old Snowmass wing, which is even more frosty than usual due to some HVAC and vent work. Insulation and other proceedures will be put in place to stop the seepage of cold air into that wing through uncovered vents and ensure our students are warm enough to pick up a pencil.

1-24-17: Today we smelled a suspiciously malodorous scent in the foyer at the end of school. Oh no, we thought. Not again! After some detective work, we discovered the culprit was actually a stink bomb and an unlucky middle schooler who forgot about video surveillance. 

1-20-17: Concern was expressed about fumes leaching into the foyer during the initial auditorium demolition. When the auditorium demolition began, all auditorium doors were sealed from the inside and exhaust systems were shut down. Fans blew the dust out the side door. The smell was a result of grinding the bolts off the auditorium chair bases (they really didn't want to go...). There was never dust blowing into the foyer, however. Dust may have been tracked back into the foyer through the front doors. Additional fans were added to ensure proper venting away from areas where student congregate.

1-23-17: During removal of auditorium debris, a sewer cap was knocked off by construction crew. Soon thereafter, a rock was found plugging the sewer line. The leakage that occurred during this time was treated with antibacterial solutions. Bathrooms have now returned to full usage. 

12-2-16: Principal Ellsperman outlined upcoming renovations in her weekly enewsletter here. The auditorium and library will be closed as of winter break.

11-13-16: Construction fences and job trailers will be going up on the side field to prepare for the beginning of the remodel this winter. View site plan graphic.


Additional Information: 
For detailed information on the remodel, please visit the following links:

  • For information on the interior and exterior renovation related to the 2015 Roaring Fork School District Bond, Click Here
  • For information on the construction of our new playground, Click Here
  • Althought not a part of the school renovation, Basalt is adding a pedestrian underpass to better connect communities on both sides of Highway 82. For the details, Click Here and Click here. December's update is here
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