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Core Values:
At BMS, our core values are expressed through the phrases students consistently hear:

I can't yet-- Growth Mindset

Work Hard, Be Kind, Achieve 

Academic Responsibility

EXPECT Your Best-- Habits of a Scholar

The hallways and classrooms resound with this language as we strive every day to build a learning community that emphasizes the academics, core values, and character skills that students need to be effective 21st century learners. For resources on these areas, click here.


Our Mission:
Basalt Middle School will ensure that EVERY student develops the enduring knowledge, skills, and character to thrive and contribute in a changing world. Essentially, our motto is: Work Hard, Be Kind, Achieve.


Our Vision:
Basalt Middle School's vision focuses on:

  1. Climate and Culture: We are CREW not passengers. All will feel like they belong and are an important part of the Basalt Middle School community. Students will exit BMS as compassionate individuals with a healthy mindset towards adversity and success and be intrinsically motivated as lifelong learners.
  2. High Quality Instruction: All students will receive high quality engaging instruction that positively impacts their learning for growth and success.


Our Action Plan:
In order to meet our mission and vision, BMS will provide time and resources for learning, implementation, improvement, and collaboration to foster:

  1. Climate and Culture. We will develop cohesive relationships among ALL students and staff and increase a sense of belonging while strengthening a growth mindset to achieve personal and academic success and build a strong sense of community. We will create authentic experiences that allow students to grow in executive skills, perseverance, enthusiasm, teamwork and compassion.
  2. High Quality Instruction. We will strive for continuous improvement focused on the best implementation of the most effective strategies to promote student growth and achievement in content, critical thinking, and innovation. 


Philosophies That Guide Us Daily

Habits of a Scholar
In 2014, the RFSD rolled out an initiative called Habits of a Scholar, which identifies five key 21st century skills that research shows students will need to cultivate to be successful in life, college, and career. These are: Executive Functions, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Compassion, and Teamwork. Students receive a 1-4 grade in these areas separately from academic grades and teachers work extensively with students throughout the day and in Crew to foster learning and understanding in these important areas. For more information, visit the Habits of a Scholar Learning Resources page under the Resources tab on the BMS website.

Growth Mindset
When we believe that intelligence can be developed or that our behavior can be improved, we are exhibiting a "Growth Mindset."  We improve, learn, and achieve excellence through hard work and effort.  At Basalt Middle School, we see challenges as stepping-stones not roadblocks.  Approaching work with this mindset encourages our school community to focus on continuous improvement regardless of where we begin.

For resources on these areas, click here







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