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Basalt Middle School 8th grade students were treated to an amazing opportunity this month. Sixty students packed into a classroom to skype with 84-year-old author and Holocaust survivor Simone Liebster in France for the opening of a literacy unit on the Holocaust. Liebster, who wrote Facing the Lion, which details her family's Nazi persecution while she was in middle school, answered questions from students, recounted her story, and passed on a lifetime of wisdom.  Teacher Allyson Bella-Dodds followed up on the interview with a book club-style approach to the period and a culminating poetry activity that reflected back on what students learned through their interview and readings. Check out the full story in The Aspen Times!.

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Some gems of wisdom that Simone imparted to students include: "Learning is a treasure-- no one can take away what you have in your brain," "the greatest value in life is a good conscience," and "know what you believe in but examine your beliefs to make sure they're worth standing up for."


8th Grade Student Poems:

Michell Cabrera

Jenna Curnow

Aranza Lopez

Annie O'Keefe

Carly Robinson

Natalie Simonsen


8th Grade Student Reflections:

Abraham Hernandez

Nikki Heard



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